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CoderDojo is a worldwide network of independent, volunteer led programming clubs for young people. CoderDojo Nelson meets at NMIT, Nelson on Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 8pm. CoderDojo Nelson is also affiliated with Code Club Aotearoa.


CoderDojo is FREE (suggested Koha of $10-20 per term to cover costs) but registration is required as there are limited spaces available. Registration is by term. New people are still welcome to join after the term starts if we still have spaces available. You can email us at coderdojonelson@gmail.com and we’ll let you know if spaces are available or put you on our mailing list to be notified when registration opens for the following term.

Registration for Term 1, 2023

Term 1, 2023 starts on Thursday 9th February. For registration after the term begins, check availability on the registration page and send us a message.

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Consent form

We require a signed consent form for each child attending CoderDojo.

Please print and sign our consent form

Our Programmes/Topics/Courses/Groups

We offer a variety of guided programmes in computer coding and technology and cater for all levels from absolute beginner to advanced. Currently we offer the following programmes:


This is the place to start for absolute beginners. We use Code Studio where the kids learn some of the basic concepts by connecting blocks of code together to solve puzzles. By the end of term we introduce Scratch.

Scratch 1

Scratch which is a fun and easy to learn drag and drop programming language designed for teaching programming to kids. Our Scratch 1 group is for beginners to Scratch.

Scratch 2

Once the children have learned the basics of Scratch they are ready to step up to our Scratch 2 group which is for intermediate and advanced. The activities here are more self-paced and we try to find activities to match the student’s level.

Intro to Programming

Go beyond Scratch and learn to program with ‘real’ programming languages. Instead of using ‘drag and drop’ blocks to programme you will type in the commands. The main language used will be Python, a popular, beginner-friendly, real world programming language. Other languages and topics such as JavaScript, databases, version control, will also be introduced. Kids will need to bring a laptop. We may be able to assist with loaner laptops for those who don’t have access to one, please get in touch if you/your child would like to do this course but doesn’t have a laptop. This course will be led by David Lee who works as a software architect.


Currently on hold – Not available for term 1 2023

In our Robotics programme, led by Nathalie, the kids take what they have learned in Scratch and bring it into the physical world of robotics using M-Bot robotics learning kits.

Computer Aided Design

Learn how to design 3D models with the popular online computer aided design software, Tinkercad.

Web Development – Make a website!

Learn how to make web pages and websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web technologies.

Electronics & Microcontrolers

Advanced tinkerers get to experiment and create with micro-controllers such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi along with numerous electronic components and the programming languages that are used to program them.

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Some of the Technologies & Learning Resources we use

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