Last CoderDojo This Term!

Show and Tell Today!

Scratch 1 – You can choose your favourite project from this term and do some more customisation on it.

Scratch 2 – You can show your version of Missile Command. If you have been working on a different project instead, you can show that project.

Newcomers – you will get a chance to do a show and tell next term!

Here are the activities that each group will be working on today:


Today we will work on this Scratch project:

Stormy Day Story

Scratch 1

Customise one of your projects for Show And Tell!

Pick your favourite project that we did this term. And add some of your own ideas to make it even better. We will do a show and tell where you show your project to everyone and tell us something about it. For example you could tell us:

  • why you liked this project
  • what new Scratch blocks did you learn about
  • what you did to customise the project and make it better

Add your project to our Show And Tell Studio (if you have a verified Scratch account)

  1. Share your project
  2. Add your project to this studio


Scratch 2

Add your final finishing touches to Missile Command and get it ready for SHOW AND TELL

Save a copy of your project before you do any more work on it (just in case you accidentally break something)

Make sure your project is in the Studio

Share your missile command project and add it to this studio if you have not done so already.

Example Projects

You can have a look inside these projects to see how the various features are coded:

Example of basic Missile Command made by following the instructions: Basic Missile Command

Example project that has most of the features of the original game: Aidan’s Missile Command Clone

Missile Command project details


This session is run by Nathalie. An introduction to robotics using mBot robot kits and a block programming language called mBlock which is similar to Scratch.

Introduction to Robotics session information

3D Computer Aided Design with TinkerCAD

Learn how to make 3D models using Tinkercad. Tinkercad is an easy-to-use 3D computer aided design (CAD) tool. You can quickly turn your idea into a CAD model for a 3D printer with Tinkercad.

TinkerCAD session information


A collaborative group exploring how computers can interact with the outside world through a range of sensors and controllers. Primarily we’ll be using the Raspberry Pi ( computer in conjunction with Arduinos ( and along the way we’ll learn about Python, C and C++ programming, digital and analogue electronics and about working together.

Electronics, Microcontrollers and Raspberry Pi session information

Competition Time!

If you like ANIMATION, and if you like SHAUN THE SHEEP, and you like COMPETITIONS, here’s something you can work on over the holidays:


We might work on this as a project next term!