Welcome to CoderDojo for Term 4!

Welcome to all the new people and welcome back to all our returning coding ninjas!

Here are the activities that each group will be working on today:
(If you are new to CoderDojo and have little or no previous experience coding you can start in the Newcomer’s group. Talk to a leader if you are not sure what group you should be in.)


If you are new to CoderDojo and new to computer programming this is where you start:

Go to Newcomers Activities

Scratch 1 (Beginner)

This group is for people who want to learn Scratch but have never done it before or who have only done a little bit of Scratch.

First step is to sign up for a Scratch account. (if you already have one, just go ahead and sign in). You will need an email address, you can use a parents email if you don’t have your own email address. Ask someone for help if you get stuck.

Go to the Scratch website: scratch.mit.edu

Gaming Story

Ok, now you are signed in to Scratch and ready to start your first Scratch project. Click on the link below and follow the instructions in the videos.

Click here for instructions for the Gaming Story project

Scratch 2 (Intermediate & Advanced)

Make the classic Snake game

Snake is a classic computer game where you control a moving snake (usually made with a string of dots or blocks). You score points by eating food but each time you eat the snake grows a bit longer. The game is over if you run into the walls or into the snake’s own body. Click here for an example of the game.

Can you make Snake without any instructions or guidelines?

If you are experienced at Scratch, you can try making the Snake game without any instructions.

Need help to make Snake?

If you need help here are 2 different guides that will help you:

YouTube video guide
You can use the instructions in this video as a guide to making the game

– OR –

Written Instructions

Web Development (HTML, CSS & JavaScript)

Continue with next project

Continue where you left off in the CodeClub HTML/CSS projects or get started on the next project in the series.

Introduction to Robotics

This is a new session with Nathalie. An introduction to robotics using mBot robot kits and a block programming language called mBlock which is similar to Scratch.

Raspberry Pi (with Microcontrollers and other cool stuff)

A collaborative group exploring how computers can interact with the outside world through a range of sensors and controllers. Primarily we’ll be using the Raspberry Pi (http://raspberrypi.org) computer in conjunction with Arduinos (http://arduino.cc) and along the way we’ll learn about Python, C and C++ programming, digital and analogue electronics and about working together.

Electronics, Microcontrollers and Raspberry Pi session information