Information for TinkerCAD

Welcome to the computer aided design group.

First step – Register and login to the tinkercad site.

Go to TinkerCAD website

Find out the activities for the session.

Term 1    2020

Session Date Activity
1 19 Feb  Introduction night         Newcomers Hour of Code
2 25 Feb Newcomers Accelerated Course
3 4 Mar Tinkercad- Create a medic drone bot
4 11 Mar Tinkercad – Design a tree planting machine
5 18 Mar Tinkercad – Study pest and predator control devices and then make one of your own design
6 25 Mar Tinkercad – Design a robot that does service for people, helps or looks after them.

Then use the codeblocks section of Tinkercad to create your bot with the click of a run button.

7 1 Apr





Term 4      2019

Session Date Activity
1 23 Oct Exploring other programmes – Cubicle, Cura, Blender, Fusion 360
2 30 Oct Design a Halloween theme project
3 6 Nov Create a Guy Fawkes themed scene.
4 13 Nov Look at and try, animation and modelling programmes like Blender and others.

Sit next to each other, so you can share information and learn from your peers.

5 20 Nov Explore Instructables. Can you make an instructable to explain how to draw something on Tinkercad?, e.g. maybe a safe bird feeder that excludes pests and larger birds. Instructables have a lot of competitions, is there one you could enter?
6 27 Nov Show newcomers to the group what is possible and how to go about it.
7 4 Dec Find someone else who, has a problem to solve and needs a product designed to assist this process or a solution. If finished early – design a card or something chrismassy for someone special or who needs a lift!
8 11 Dec Review the activities from the last two terms and give feedback about best activities and your best results. 3D Modelling show and tell – Prepare your best 3 creations to share within the group or show to other classes.


Term 3      2019

Session Date Activity
1 31 Jul Log in to Tinkercad, explore the programme and resources, create a model.
2 7 Aug Ideas for the term. Where to get help – ask a neighbour, tinkercad resources, youtube, instructables
3 14 Aug Design a house, brainstorm a focus and ideas, work in groups of 2 or 3. When finished design a house, enclosure or habitat for an animal.
4 21 Aug Design a car model. Then create one for a vehicle to suit a specific job or purpose
5 28 Aug Can you do a shared project where several people can draw parts of the whole project?What keyboard shortcuts can use use in your design. Train carriage project
6 4 Sep Create a robot that can carry out a specific task or activity
7 11 Sep Design a rocket that you can enter for this competition and trip to America.
8 18 Sep Design a climate change machine.

Homework over the holidays – Preparation for 3D printing. Download the Cura programme. Export your TinkerCAD design using the .STL file suffix and save it to your computer. Open your .STL file using Cura and explore the programme for ways to manipulate and view your design.

Keep tinkering!