Information for TinkerCAD

Welcome to the computer aided design group.

First login to the programme.

Go to TinkerCAD website

Find out the activities for the session.

Session Date Activity
1 31 Jul Log in to Tinkercad, explore the programme and resources, create a model.


2 7 Aug Ideas for the term

Where to get help – ask a neighbour, tinkercad resources, youtube, instructables

3 14 Aug Design a house, brainstorm a focus and ideas, work in groups of 2 or 3.

When finished design a house, enclosure or habitat for an animal.

4 21 Aug Design a car model.

Then create one for a vehicle to suit a specific job or purpose

5 28 Aug Can you do a shared project where several people can draw parts of the whole project?

What keyboard shortcuts can use use in your design.

Train carriage project

6 4 Sep Create a robot that can carry out a specific task or activity


7 11 Sep Design a rocket that you can enter for this competition and trip to America.

8 18 Sep Design a climate change machine.

Homework over the holidays – Preparation for 3D printing. Download the Cura programme. Export your TinkerCAD design using the .STL file suffix and save it to your computer. Open your .STL file using Cura and explore the programme for ways to manipulate and view your design.

Keep tinkering!