Choose what you would like to learn from the ‘Languages’ links below – this list is always growing. Suggestions for other coding topics are always welcome – for example, you might like to work on a mod for your favorite game.

This is a club rather than a classroom. Just work away at your own pace on things you find interesting. Try to help others when you can. Work in groups or on your own – whatever you like.

If you are watching YouTube tutorials, please use headphones or keep the volume low to avoid disturbing others.

Any questions please let me know – I’m always happy to try to help.

Happy coding!



What is programming slideshow



Here you will find links to a selection of tutorials for different programming languages.

If you are unsure where to start, go for the Python beginners section.




CoderDojo Foundation Python — Block 1

CoderDojo Foundation Python — Block 2

CoderDojo Introduction to Python: Variables, functions, and loops

YouTube – Learning to Code with Python (needs Python installed on laptop, ask for help with this)


CoderDojo Intermediate Python – Block 1

CoderDojo Intermediate Python – Block 2

Beginner’s Guide to Python Turtle

pygame tutorial

Simple web scraping


The Big Book of Small Python Projects

CoderDojo Advanced Python – Block 1

CoderDojo Advanced Python – Block 2

Official Python Tutorial

Introduction to machine learning

Steganography : Hiding messages in images

pygame : Build 2D game

Build a Python Web Server with Flask

Async IO in Python: A Complete Walkthrough

Python documentation & references

Python quick reference

Official Python docs

Turtle graphics documentation



JavaScript is the language you can use to make webpages do clever things.

I have two copies of the excellent CoderDojo Create with Code – Make you own game book for people to borrow during the session. I highly recommend this book as an introduction to working with JavaScript and coding in general.

Scratch to JavaScript (S2JS)

Guess the Colour

Talk like a pirate – instructions tell you to use a Raspberry PI, but you can use instead

Phaser game tutorial

Godot game engine

Easy to use, yet very powerful game engine. It’s free to use and the games you create could run on the web, mobile, desktop PC or even a games console.

Think of it as a more advanced version of Scratch.

Start by either following official tutorial and the youtube videos below:

Godot game engine

Official Godot tutorial

KidsCanCode YouTube videos:


General resources – Free code lessons for many languages – Advent Calendar of coding challenges. You can try challenges for previous years




Online Development Environments

To avoid having to install software on your laptop you can use these online development environments. It’s like using Google Docs for coding.