Here are the activities that each group will be working on today:


If you are new to CoderDojo and new to computer programming this is where you start:

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Scratch 1 (Beginner)

Launcher Game

Today you will create a launcher game using key press events, clones, and variables. In this game, a player must launch and navigate a sprite across a screen of bouncing enemies. Click on the link below and follow the instructions in the videos.

Click here for instructions for the Launcher game project

Scratch 2 (Intermediate & Advanced)

Car AI Challenge

You can team up in teams to 2 for this challenge (if you prefer to work by yourself that’s ok too).

Remix this starter project.

Now program the car to drive around the track without going off the track. The car should be able to go around any of the tracks (there are 3 different tracks on the backdrop) without going off the track.

Competition Time!

We will do a show and tell competition to see who has programmed their car to get around the tracks the fastest. You will need to set up a timer variable to record the time of 1 lap of the track. Because there are 3 different tracks you can make 3 timer variables (if you have time), one for each track, OR, even better, make a list with 3 items (one for lap time for each track).

Introduction to Robotics

This session is run by Nathalie. An introduction to robotics using mBot robot kits and a block programming language called mBlock which is similar to Scratch.

Introduction to Robotics session information

Raspberry Pi (with Microcontrollers and other cool stuff)

A collaborative group exploring how computers can interact with the outside world through a range of sensors and controllers. Primarily we’ll be using the Raspberry Pi ( computer in conjunction with Arduinos ( and along the way we’ll learn about Python, C and C++ programming, digital and analogue electronics and about working together.

Electronics, Microcontrollers and Raspberry Pi session information