Here are the activities that each group will be working on today:


If you are new to CoderDojo and new to computer programming this is where you start:

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Scratch 1

Paint with Tera

Today you will make a colorful, fun, interactive art piece that responds to the mouse pointer, much like a Paint application on a computer.

You will also learn about an important computer science concept: variables.

Variables are elements that store a value or keep track of things. For example, variables can keep track of time or hold a game’s high score.

Click here for instructions for the Paint with Tera project

Scratch 2

Choose ONE of the following two projects:

Option 1. Boat Race Game (easier)

Follow these instructions to make the boat race game in Scratch.

Option 2. Top down scroller game (more advanced)

Part 1:

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


This session is run by Nathalie. An introduction to robotics using mBot robot kits and a block programming language called mBlock which is similar to Scratch.

Introduction to Robotics session information


A collaborative group exploring how computers can interact with the outside world through a range of sensors and controllers. Primarily we’ll be using the Raspberry Pi ( computer in conjunction with Arduinos ( and along the way we’ll learn about Python, C and C++ programming, digital and analogue electronics and about working together.

Electronics, Microcontrollers and Raspberry Pi session information